Monday, 10 December 2012

va -- Your Close Friend [Tristes Humanistes Mixtape]

A tape of fine tunes in the usual spirit. Hope you like it.

01 - Alick Nkhata's Band - Sunsistance
02 - Elizeth Cardoso - Na Cadência Do Samba
03 - Abel Ferreira - Chorando Baixinho
04 - Michael Angelo - Nubian Queen
05 - Gino Washington - Like My Baby
06 - Ike Gordon - Your Close Friend
07 - Folkgroup Naks - Wanaisa Ju Mu Jere Begi
08 - Sun Ra - Watusa
09 - Sven Libaek - News From The Exchange
10 - Alain Goraguer - Au Dela De La Peur
11 - Googoosh - Angoshtar Hezaar Negin
12 - Baligh Hamdi - Mizmar
13 - Radujevac - Cintec Alu Nasu Lunita
14 - Belf's Rumanian Orchestra - Fun Der Chupe
15 - Unknown
16 - Taiwan Tribesmen - Ali Mountain Girl
17 - Sun Ra - A Foggy Day
18 - Philip Cohran & the Artistic Heritage Ensemble - On The Beach

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Livin' The Low-Life [SpatzHabibi Soundcloud Mix]

A super nice mix from SpatzHabibi, two friendly Berliners. This one in particular fits real well on this blog, but you should check out the rest.

    (00:00)Africa Show – Massanga Mama
    (05:34)Gabor Szabo – Raga Doll
    (09:10)Girma Bèyènè – Ené Nègn Bay Manèsh
    (13:06)Ahmad Zahir – Che Kelaf Sar Zad Az Mah
    (17:08)Okay Temiz – Dokuz Sekiz
    (21.39)M. Ashraf feat. Nahid Akhtar - Sheeshy Ki Botal
    (26:45)Mohammad & David – Eva Maria
    (32:38)Dollar Brand – Kramat
    (39:03)Gabor Szabo – Ravi
    (41:55)Melodica Teens Band – Mwekuru Muthao
    (45:20)Mulatu Astatke – Ené Alantchi Alnorem
    (50:06)Ural Thomas – Smile
    (53:05)Abner Jay – Cocaine
    (59:28)Amanar – Majrad Ajen
    (64:11)Na Hawa Doumbia – Dan Tè Dinyé La

      Thursday, 15 November 2012

      va -- Le Suicide [Tristes Humanistes Mixtape]

      A little more dirty and psychedelic than usual, here's the new TH compilation.

      SIDE A
      01 - François de Roubaix - Les Dunes D'Ostende
      02 - Ahmed Malek - Le Suicide
      03 - Ahmed Malek - Hira
      04 - The Surfers - Love Theme From Romeo Juliet
      05 - Harumi - Hello
      06 - Baris Manço & Les Mistigris  -  Il Arrivera
      07 - Fikret Kizilok - Kiz Ayse
      08 - Erkin Koray - Bir Eylul Aksami
      09 - Illaiyaraaja - Kanavu Ondru feat. S. Janaki
      10 - Haydeh - Vay Be Halesh

      SIDE B
      11 - Cheb Khaled - Sratli
      12 - Sumit Satchathep - Kho Than Rak
      13 - Phet Photharam - Khon Chai Rai
      14 - Abd Al-Aziz Daoud - Iyak Wa Dary
      15 - Ahmed Abdul-Malik - El Ghada (The Jungle)
      16 - Ahmed Malek - Les Vacances de l'Inspecteur Tahar
      17 - Fantastic Voices Of Joy - What a Friend We Have In Jesus
      18 - Dariush Eghbali - Mehmone Nakhondeh
      19 - Marta Mäesatu - Eesti Karjaselaulud

      Wednesday, 14 November 2012

      JJ Doom -- Guv'Nor Youtube Video [2012]

      I'm a big fan of Doom's. First time for hip hop on this platform. Why not.

      Friday, 19 October 2012

      va -- Hypnotique [Tristes Humanistes Mixtape]

      Latest selection of particularly slow and sublime music to fit on a C60 tape. See tracklist below, and get ready for autumn.

      SIDE A
      01 Karen Bergeon - Sans tambour ni trompette...
      02 Duanpan Oapinna - Missing of a Thai singer
      03 Golden Snake (Taboo)
      04 Martin Denny - Hypnotique
      05 Wu Jing-Hwai - Night Wind While Travelling
      06 Vigen & Delkash
      07 Yabancilar - Agit
      08 Aksak Maboul - Scratch Holiday
      09 Dziga Vertov - Enthusiasm! The Dombass Symphony
      10 National Jazz du Dahomey - Gonnou An Gbemou

      SIDE B
      11 Getatchew Mekurya
      12 Rio Band de Dakar - Vamos A Bailar
      13 All Star Orchestra with July Tan - Jauh Dari Mata
      14 Vigen - Bi Saranjam
      15 Isaac Haney + The Ebenezer Baptist Church Choir - At a time like this (part one)
      16 Marika Papagika - An S'Agapo Ki 'Ein Oniro
      17 Io. Yeorgakopoulou & H. Mavridhis - Mi Se Planepsan Ta Lefta
      18 Lata Mangeshkar - Maee Mhano Supnama Parnare Dinanath

      Karen, j'espère que tu es d'accord...

      Tuesday, 18 September 2012

      Farid El Atrache -- Addi Errabi (Enregistré En Public) [1973]

      Live recording of a 1973 performance by oud master and singer Farid El Atrache, with a crazy, roaring crowd. Ripped from an old tape.

      Monday, 17 September 2012

      New 'Found Tapes' Blog

      I just purchased many tapes of Raï-type music that were produced in France in the 90's and was surprised to find none of them available on the internet. There is also virtually no information about the labels that released them, and little about the singers. So I decided to post them on a new blog, hoping that some people will help me write the story of this very short yet prolific period of tape dealing in Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Genève and Bruxelles.

      Check it out and link it up:

      Tuesday, 14 August 2012

      va -- Bei Mir Bist Du Schön! [Tristes Humanistes Mixtape]

      One more mixtape with more dancy/groovy stuff. Do you recognize the man watching the pretty dancer on the cover?

      Side (A)
      01. The Andrew Sisters - Bei Mir Bist Du Schön
      02. Red Nichols & His World Famous Pennies - Jungle Fever
      03. DaoBandon - Mae Jom Kalon
      04. Unknown - Ling-Job-Meu-Sua
      05. Vincent Martin & His Bahamians - Coconut Water Rum & Gin
      06. Lee Perry - Throw Some Water In
      07. Ga-Mashiebii - Wuobi (Akroma)
      08. Melodica Teens Band - Mwekuru Muthao
      09. Quantic y Su Conjunto Los Miticos Del Ritmo - Cumbia de Mochilla
      10. Lucho Bermudez - Tambores de Chambacu

      Side (B)

      11. Piero Umiliani - Danza Jazz
      12. The Harbours Band - Koma Mosi
      13. Slim Smith - This Feeling
      14. Bunker Hill - Hide & Go See Pt.1
      15. Samuel Belay - Aynotchesh Yerèfu
      16. Gyedu Blay Ambolley - Burkina Faso
      17. The Funkees - Akula Owu Onyeara
      18. Amédée Pierre et l'Ivoiro Star - Aze-Ni

      Sunday, 29 July 2012

      va -- Please Go Easy With Me [Tristes Humanistes Mixtape]

      Sixty minutes of nice music, right here fer download - and a tracklist below. Hope you like it.

      (it was the wrong link but now corrected)

      Side [a]
      01 - Baligh Hamdi - Souma
      02 - Phongsi Woranut - Bar Hua Chai
      03 - D. Gongos or Bayiaderas - Hash Smoking Chicks
      04 - Noubar Bey & Party - Fantaisie Maggiar
      05 - Giao Linh - Giac Ngu Cô Ðon
      06 - Yod Ruk - Unknown
      07 - Giao Linh - Chuyen Tàu Hoàng Hôn
      08 - Mohammed Jamal - A'achik Ghayour
      09 - Bruce Haack - Saint Basil

      Side [b]
      10 - Eddie Siagbo & El Rego Et Ses Commandos - Muletekpo Wo
      11 - Celestine Ukwu - Okwukwe Na Nchekwube
      12 - S. E. Rogie - Please Go Easy With Me
      13 - Suni McGrath - Picnic on the Moor
      14 - Santo & Johnny - Slave Girl
      15 - Lighty Singers of Estill, SC - In The Morning When The Trumpet Is Sounding
      16 - Boswell Sisters - Shout Sister Shout
      17 - Screamin' Jay Hawkins - I Hear Voices
      18 - The Ventures - Fear

      Wednesday, 18 July 2012

      Bees 'n' B-Mice - Here And Now [Larsen Recordz, 1997]

      Let's leave politics alone and enjoy this 7" by unknown band Bees 'n' B-Mice. This is some kind of punk music from the french alps, featuring my good friend Tello, and released on Benny Gordini's Larsen Recordz.

      A1 - Walkin' Like An Empty Cunt
      A2 - Life's Just Beginning
      B1 - Life's Short And Round A Bit
      B2 - We Don't Have Time For The Little Things

      Sunday, 20 May 2012

      John Fahey -- America [Takoma, 1971]

      1971 album by John Fahey. This is the 1998 reissue featuring 9 initially unreleased songs, but with an abridged version of "Mark 1:15".

      1. Jesus Is a Dying Bedmaker – 4:20
      2. Amazing Grace (John Newton) – 2:18
      3. Song #3 – 1:48
      4. Special Rider Blues (Skip James) – 3:03
      5. Dvorák (Antonín Dvořák, arranged by Fahey) – 3:42
      6. Jesus Is a Dying Bedmaker 2 – 3:23
      7. Finale – 3:10
      8. America – 7:40
      9. Dalhart, Texas, 1967 – 11:01
      10. Knoxville Blues (Sam McGee) – 3:07
      11. Mark 1:15 – 14:18
      12. Voice of the Turtle – 15:42
      13. The Waltz That Carried Us Away and Then a Mosquito Came and Ate Up My Sweetheart – 5:49

      Saturday, 19 May 2012

      Monday, 14 May 2012

      Bruce Haack -- The Electronic Record For Children [1969]

      Check out this, boys and girls! Way, way out stuff  by canadian weirdo Bruce Haack. Recently reissued on Mississippi Records.

      "Bruce Haack made some of the weirdest, most zonked electronic pop known to man, but he didn't get enough credit for it at the time. His first records were coming out in the early '60s, and Moog music technology was just getting into the hands of musicians, so a lot of the pioneering tunes from that era were full of wild experimentation and sounds people were hearing for the very first time. They're fascinating listens now, but audiences at the time just weren't there yet. Thankfully, Haack's records stood the test of time, and he's since received a fair amount of posthumous acclaim thanks to reissues of several of his best records (Electric Lucifer, Haackula) in the last decade." [C. Cantino]

      01. sing
      02. mara's moon
      03. dance
      04. listen
      05. poppies
      06. saint basil
      07. upside down
      08. first lady
      09. echo
      10. african lullaby
      11. spiders
      12. clapping with katy
      13. goodbye

      Tuesday, 8 May 2012

      va -- Abandon [Tristes Humanistes Mixtape]

      New mixtape right here. Hope you like it.

      01 - Nitta-Jo - Sahara
      02 - Kaba Joseph & Le Groupe Rythmique Ngoma - Bana T'Atomic Jazz
      03 - Dawn Penn - Long Day Short Night
      04 - Orchestre Del's Jazz Biguine - Complainte
      05 - Unknown Artist - Abandon
      06 - Tchade, Mariola & Oliveira - Canta Del Negro
      07 - Maurice Sempore & L'Harmonie Voltaique - Baas Ninr Don Sing
      08 - Unknown Artist - Hai Clum Dong
      09 - Unknown Artist - Kathik Nganggo Nglirik
      10 - Robin Ghosh - Sharafat
      11 - V. Palaniyandi - Vendinen
      12 -
      Stelios Kazantzidis & Katy Grey - Apopse Fila Me
      13 - Blind Alfred Reed - How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live
      14 - John Fahey - Buck Dancer's Choice
      15 - Alphonse 'Bois Sec' Ardoin - La Valse D' Oberlin
      16 - Yumba - Lufino Karia - Yakulanda Adamo
      17 - Magwere Blind School Band - Chinama
      18 - Menelik Wossenachew with Mulatu Astatke & The All Star Band - Tezeta
      19 - Donovan - Sunny Goodge Street

      Sunday, 6 May 2012

      va - Mounaw'at Lubnanieh (منوعـات لبنـانيـة) - Lebanese Varieties Vol. 3: Suzana

      My lil' brother scored this tape from an obscur shop some time ago - I play it over and over again in my car since then. The thing is I don't have sufficient education to decypher the names of songs or singers, or of the compilation itself. Even the fact that it comes from Lebanon was only deduced by the presence on the sleeve of the green cedar. If anyone can help decode a few words (the title at least) from the cover above, I would be very grateful.

      Get it here.

      * So we now got all the info thanks to Pr. Hammer, who solved the mystery in record time. Read through the comments for all of it.

      01.) Suzana - Carl S.
      02.) Laila Ya Laila (Laila, Oh Laila) - Tony Abu-Judeh.
      03.) Ashrah, Iedash, T'nash (Ten (o'clock) , Eleven, Twelve) - Melhem Barakat & The Rahbani Brothers.
      04.) Sa'alouni Eiouni A'anak (My Eyes Asked Me, Where Are You) - Muna Farid.
      05.)Salma Ya Salama (Happy Trails And Farewell) - Afaf Dagher.

      01.) Oumri Kan (My Life's Wasted) - Mohammed Sharif.
      02.) Haddi A'asabak (Relax) - Albert Farhan.
      03.) Battal A'ajebha (She Feels Haughty Now) - Nazieh El-Moughrabi.
      04.) Ya Asmar (Oh Dark-Skinned One) - George Karam.
      05.) (Hal) Kadabeh (This Liar) - Yousef Harfous.

      Talking about Pr. Hammer, I highly recommend you check his encyclopedic paper about Cheb Khaled.

      Thank you for everything, Sir.

      Friday, 4 May 2012

      va -- What A Picon! [Tristes Humanistes Mixtape]

      A treat here with this compilation prepared by our now famous (and alcoholic) Roady. 'What A Picon!' features dancy tunes and more emotional shite to play loud on your ghetto blaster this summer. I didn't ask him what he thinks of the cover, but to be honest I don't give a toss.

      Truck list:
      01 - Nazir Ali feat. Nahid Akhtar and Mehnaz - Happy Chrismis
      02 - Shang - There she goes
      03 - Claude McLin - Jambo
      04 - Rungpetch Laemsing - Ban Nork Dee Nae
      05 - Wadih Essafi - Aandak Baharia Ya Rayess
      06 - Doc Watson - Sitting On Top Of The World
      07 - Jesse Pearson - I've got the feeling I'm falling
      08 - Orlando Julius and his Afro-Sounders - Afro-Blues
      09 - Le Thu - Sao bien
      10 - Ros Sereysothea - If You Wish To Love Me
      11 - Billy Byrd & his Penguins - Boom pacha boom
      12 - Los Demonios de Corocochay - La Chichera
      13 - Omar Khorshid - Rahbaniyat (Rahbani Variations)
      14 - Rev Jamel - Walking On The Moon
      15 - Benjamin S. - Digebukin

      Have a bite!

      You may want to consult his rag of a blog, with more comps, silliness and pictures of him naked.

      Dominique Walter -- Les Petits Boudins Video

      Mean but funny song written by Gainsbourg and performed by Dominique Walter in 67.

      Saturday, 14 April 2012

      Le Marché Royal

      My Favorite shots from Le Marché Royal blog.
      My lil' bro's effort to capture beauty in the streets...

      Mazouni -- C.S.P. 5057 [Casaphone]

      Real nice 7" by Mazouni. I thought the man from Phocéephone would post this, but since he hasn't, here it is. However, you can hear many more Mazouni songs on his blog.

      A. Ya Zoubji
      B. Houa Aaatitih Egalbek

      Tuesday, 10 April 2012

      Jacques Brel -- La Quête Video

      Not my favourite song, but the video is something special.

      Wednesday, 28 March 2012

      va -- Fast Spinning Wax [Tristes Humanistes Mixtape]

      There is a web page with a series of 5850 78 rpm records from someone's collection. They're divided into 7 categories: Arabic, Japanese, Greek, Italian, French, Russian and Latin. I made a selection of 21 songs, but go check out the rest if you like: All the labels have been scanned, but the titles in arabic, cyrillic or greek alphabets are not decyphered. I'm not any better at doing so, so I added the labels to the zip. The tape has Brazilian, Latin, Arabic (Egyptian, I think) and Russian songs on side A, and Greek songs on side B. All 128kbps I'm afraid.

      Here it is.

      Sunday, 25 March 2012

      Sunday, 18 March 2012

      Lucho Bermudez - El Padre De La Cumbia

      Luis Eduardo Bermúdez
      was a colombian musician & composer. In the late 30's, after being a member of big/marching bands, he started to direct his own orchestras. Mainly performing in Colombia, he soon got the world's attention for his witty and wild songs, based on traditional colombian music (porros, gaitas, bolleros & new-born cumbia) with a tropico-american twist.
      Here is a compilation of his famous 'Grandes Exitos' for the dancefloor, alongside darker, slower tunes sang by mysterious divas, who probably looked a bit like this:

      1. Mi Cumbia
      2. Arroz Con Coco
      3. Colombia Tierra Querida
      4. Caminito de Guarenas
      5. Tambores de Chambacu
      6. Mantequilla
      7. La Bramadora
      8. Tolu
      9. Navidad Negra
      10. Mapale Sabroso
      11. Danza Negra
      12. Prende La Vela - Toto la Momposina

      Be Colombian here

      Sunday, 11 March 2012

      Friday, 9 March 2012

      Orlando Julius & His Afro Sounders -- Orlando's Afro Ideas [1969-1972]

      Re-issued on short-lifed label EkoSound (a Soundway Records's side project) in 2003, these 'afro ideas' are Nigerian magic!

      Here comes the groove

      Sunday, 26 February 2012

      va -- Try Dance To This [Tristes Humanistes Mixtape]

      An early-spring selection of more-or-less danceable tunes for you to enjoy. A kind of follow up to the 'End Of The World Party' series you can still find on ze right.


      01--Arun Amin & Bonnie Remedios--Hippie Hindustani
      02--Trinidad & Tobago Steel All Stars--Do Your Thing
      03--Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou--Malin Kpon O
      04--Umtali Chipisa Band--Zuwa Rashona
      05--Alcides Lopes--Cidade-mulher
      06--Michi Sarmiento y su Combo Bravo--Cumbia Raja
      07--Banda Bajera de San Pelayo--Descarga en Cumbia
      08--Iqbal Quereshi--Unknown (from Love in Simla)
      09--M. Ashraf--Unknown (from Ibadat Vol.II)
      10--Nestor Hountondji & Les Doyens--Mé Adomi Nan

      11--Kwamy & O.K. Jazz--Tika kobebisa muana
      12--Vicky & O.K. Jazz--Una bella muchacha
      13--Andre Williams--Mozelle
      14--Gary Davis and His Professor--The Pop
      15--Baligh Hamdi--Qissat Hob
      17--The Green Arrows--Nyoka Yendara
      18--Bereket Mengistab


      Sunday, 12 February 2012

      va -- Tony's Wife [Tristes Humanistes]

      Been some time now. Here's a new comp with sublime music from everywhere. Thanks to all the friends and bloggers who contributed without knowing: Perez Zeledon, Graham Mushnik, Mohahaha, Asparagus Dave, Jeremy, Claire, Roady, Thomas and more. A drink to all of them, and one to Tony and his wife. Also one to Owl for courage.

      Downlink load.

      01 helmut qualtinger: marcia funebre/drei gaunze schüleng
      02 sun ra: tony's wife
      03 unknown: chemirocha (jimmy rogers)
      04 hoang oanh: mua xuan nay anh hat quanh nam
      05 yao su yong: unknown
      06 orchestre paillote: kadia blues
      07 mahmoud ahmed: unknown
      08 luiz eca & sagrada familia: please garcon
      09 vinicius de moraes: berimbau
      10 rasha: leali
      11 le thu: sao bien
      12 aksak maboul: ciobane
      13 centaurus: carinha di bo pai
      14 kamil efendi: hicaz taksim 1
      15 willamu osale: usimalize mali
      16 nji raden hadji djoeleha: lindeuk djapati
      17 romke de waard: cylinder music box
      18 robert wyatt: alifib

      The cover looks a bit pale because it was made with a pencil, but it works fine when printed out, I think.

      Monday, 16 January 2012

      William Kentridge -- Tide Table

      Stop-motion animation by South African artist William Kentridge.