Thursday 4 July 2024

TH#102 - Silver Roses And Jade Waters [Graham's Summer Selection 2024]

An eclectic, intercontinental and groovy selection for this summer's road trips, sunny mornings or late night parties ! 

First of all, I wanted to feature songs by Surinami "Chutney" artist Cynthia Bhikharie, as well as instrumentals by Indian percussionist/composer Babla, since their sounds are connected by the phenomenon of Indo-Caribbean fusion. I also discovered some cool late 60's tracks by soul-jazz legends Ramsey Lewis and Nina Simone. And to link back to the Caribbean feel, a reggae version of Nina Simone's "To Love Somebody", beautifully sung by Busty Brown, followed by "Love" by the Twinkle Brothers.

2 magnificent songs by cult Japanese movie-star Meiko Kaji, Anatolian folk track "Metelik" by arranger Esin Engin and Selda's hymn to Anatolia "Gesi Bağları" are followed by 2 important Italian artists from the 70's and 80's : avant-garde pop songwriter Franco Battiato and Southern-Italy's folk legends NCCP. What else ? "Memme Vaev", a groovy collaboration between Apelsin and Collage, two Estonian proggy bands from the soviet era ; and last but not least, contemporary Lebanese producer Charif Megarbane and his morriconesque composition "Pas De Dialogue".

Thanks : Piotr, Dav Grass, Derya, Coco Maria.

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