Monday 20 December 2021

va -- The Bird Has Flown [Graham's X-mas Selection '21]



After the wacky "Voyage Sans Retour" mixtape, this selection carries a much lighter, happier vibe, in fact almost christmassy (I even managed to include two indirectly Xmas-related titles, "Snowman's Stomp" and "Vomitation"), so don't hesitate to impose it to your family or friends as a digestive dance party after a heavy dinner !

Some hip-shaking soul-jazz by Eddie Jefferson and Lou Donaldson, some reggae vibes (an early Marley/Wailers track, one of Jackie Mittoo's grooviest numbers, a strangely soulful love song by Junior Byles, and Janet Kay's timeless Lovers Rock hit "Silly Games"!), a few 60's goodies (New Colony Six's crazy "Dawn Is Breaking" as an opener, and later on Joe Meek's "Julie" sung by the Dowland brothers, "Snowman's Stomp" by KPM composer Steve Gray, and John Shroeder's psychedelic "The Bird Has Flown")...

"La Musique" is a fresh soukous track by Benin's young Star-Feminine Band, followed by Turkish anthems "Misket" and "Ben Sana Böyledir O Demedim Mi" (Kenan's groovy version of "Baksana Talihe")... Morrocan group Frères Bouchenak's hit "Laylalila", Indian percussionist Babla's brilliant attempt to "chutney" music (calypso-influenced Indian music) sung by Kanchan... and a great cumbia/chicha track by Los Shapis (featuring singer Noemi) suggested by my friend Seb from Rebel Up! ... Finally Lulu Mushi's 1998 chilled 5/4 bossa "Cartwheel" and Nino Ferrer's proggy "Vomitation"!

Thanks : Werner "Eurodermitis", Roady, Derya, SebCat


  1. Hi, there's no download link?
    Thanks a lot as always

  2. Hi, yeah sorry DL link will come soon! Little christmas delivery delay...

  3. et voilà! the DL link is there now!

  4. thank you Graham Frères Bouchenak's "Laylalila is the grooviest track i have ever listened!!!