Monday 20 August 2018

va --- Riflessi d'Acqua [Le Major Mixtape]

Summer is almost coming to an end but there's still time for diving!
Contemplate the reflections on the water with easy-listening tunes, turkish classics, unclassifiable wonders and da usual Jamaican journey. A mellow and joyous selection.
Enjoy it here.

1. Walter Wanderley - Amazonas
2. Cork Gamelan Ensemble - Christine
3. Children of Sunshine - It's a long way to heaven
4. Gerard Calvi - L'ile du plaisir
5. Luigi Zito & Vittorio Nadalin - Ansie Secondo
6. Erdal Erzincan - Garip
7. Esin Afsar - Zuhtu
8. Fairuz -  Al bint al Shalabiyya
9. Mdou Moctar - J'ai pas le choix

10. Kamuran Akkor - Ikimiz bir fidaniz
11. Alessandro Alessandroni - Riflessi D'Acqua
12. Sonya Spence - Make Love To Me In The Dark
13. Ginger Williams - Ill Still Love You
14. The Gaylads - I am free
15. Junior Murvin - Mr Percy
16. Munif & Orkes Kelana Ria - Ya Mahmud
17. Pharoah Sanders - Ore-Se-Rere

thx: Timur, Booty, Dream Weapons


  1. So good to have another so soon ! Thank you !

  2. Thank you. Loved the precedent and this one also!

  3. Can't tell you how comforting it is to come by here every couple months and still see you guys posting incredible, horizon-broadening mixes. Thank you as always to everyone at Tristes.

  4. Hey this blog ig gold!
    Greetings from Colombia!!!