Wednesday, 30 March 2011

va - End Of The World Party Vol.01 [Tristes Humanistes]

While I go to Mexico for a month and load up with Cumbia and tequila, here's a home comp for dancing.

Get it here and be happy.

01/ Zelia Barbosa - Funeral do lavrador
02/ BB & The Astronauts - Please BB
03/ Bob Marley & The Wailers - What's new pussycat
04/ Tommy McCook & The Supersonics - Rock Away
05/ Aberlado Carbono y su Conjunto - Palenque
06/ Waipod Phetsuphan - Ding ding dong
07/ Los Graduados - Si te vas de mi
08/ Aurita Castillo y su Conjunto - Eco de tambores
09/ Claude Vinh San et le Jazz Tropical - Maloya
10/ Benoît Mansard - Pardon
11/ Thomas Mapfumo - Ndanzwa Ngoma Kurira
12/ Tonito - Kiukitukila
13/ The Barbecues - Ohiani sua efir
14/ Unidentified Artist - Hecha
15/ Bellemou Messaoud - Musique Instrumental
16/ Swaleh, Zuhura & Party - Ya Zamani

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Don Cherry Videos: Documentary & Session

Famous cornetist whose career began with a long association with Ornette Coleman, he collaborated with many great, great musicians such as Coltrane, Ayler, Rollins, Sun Ra, Shepp, Haden, Blackwell and others. He later got into spiritual stuff and african and eastern roots music. He was known for playing the pocket-trumpet all the time; not for being Neneh's stepfather and Eagle-Eye's father.

A 20 minutes documentary shot in Sweden where he lived. Parts 1&2.

Seven part film with bass and percutian, and Cherry playin' da piano, da trumpet and singin'. This one is roughly an hour long.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

va - These Friends Are Good But I Miss My Wine [Tristes Humanistes]

1.Duke of Iron - The Walking Department Store
2.Nora Dean - Barbwire
3.Claude Vinh San et le jazz tropical - Mon Chouchou
4.Franco - Kinsiona
5.Aurita Castillo - Puya Tropicana
6.Tschetscha Boys - Nwampfundla
7.This Heat - Sleep

8.Ennio Morricone - Scuola di ballo al sole
9.Luiz Gonzaga - Fogeuira de São João
10.The Emperors - Karate
11. Tommy McCook & The Supersonics - Rock Away
12.Joya Landis - Moonlight Lover
13.Eric 'Monty' Morris - Cinderella
14.The Techniques - Drink Wine

T.H (new link)

Saturday, 26 March 2011

va - This Wine Is Good But I Miss My Friends [Tristes Humanistes]

Another mixtape, this time a homemade one. Thanx to those who contributed without knowing.

Side A:
01 - V.Ivanova &  M. Kokareskova - Iovano, Iovanka
02 - The Sounds Off - The angry desert
03 - Frances Yip - Green is the mountain
04 - Hung - Cuong mot tram phan tram
05 - John Wirtz and Les Boys - Malheur l'arac
06 - Vassilis Tsitsanis - Vasilo
07 - George Katsaros - Stis Syras To Aniforo
08 - Lydia Mendoza Y Familia - Mexico En Una Laguna
09 - A.H. Depala - Matete Paris
10 - Don Drummond - Addis abba
Side B:
11 - Prince Buster - Nothing takes the place of you
12 - Hallelujah Chicken Run Band - Alikulila
13 - S.E. Rogers - Toomus Meremereh Nor Good
14 - Alemu Aga - Abatatchen hoy
15 - Juthika Roy - Tan Man Pe Manhar Ne
16 - Sayed Abbood - Min fergetak lilyon
17 - The Jauharah Orchestra -  Wangu ukutina
18 - Billy Childish & Holly Golightly - I believe
19 - Sun Ra & his Astro-Galactic-Infinity Arkestra - Enlightenment

Friday, 11 March 2011

Sahra Ahmed videos (Somalia)

A few videos from Sahra Ahmed, which seems to be the number one singer in Somalia, as Fairuz is in Lebanon. It's hard to get any info in a language I can understand, so let's just enjoy the great music. Maybe with a glass of sunny spanish wine.

Nuova Compagnia di Canto Popolare - Sette Mariti (Naples 70's)

A homemade compilation of NCCP songs. This is a very subjective approach to their discography, so try and get the albums if you'd like to hear more...

(link fixed 2017)

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

N'Gola Ritmos videos (Angola 1964)

Edited from Wikipedia:

"Liceu Vieira Dias, Domingos Van-Dúnem, Mário da Silva Araújo, Manuel dos Passos and Nino Ndongo created around 1947 the Ngola Ritmos band, in order to assert their Angolan identity. Ngola Ritmos created a style that would inspire generations of musicians. The lead guitar introduced the theme and often intervened in counterpoint to the voice. The second guitar ensured the rhythmic frame, the bass guitar (six-stringed at the time) marked the beat, almost like a percussion, while the drum and dikanza (scraped instrument) backed up the ensemble. Singing was inspired by popular traditions, the chorus answering the lead voice. While such songs as Mbiri Mbiri, Kolonial, Palamé or Muxima have been covered by numerous singers, recordings by Ngola Ritmos are very rare. Most of the members of Ngola Ritmos were nationalist militants; Liceu, a founding member of the MLPA liberation movement and Amadeu Amorim were arrested in 1959 and deported to the Tarrafal prison in Cape Verde, to return only ten years later. Nevertheless, the band lasted until the late sixties."