Wednesday 30 March 2011

va - END OF THE WORLD PARTY VOL.01 [Mixtape TH#09]

While I go to Mexico for a month and load up with Cumbia and tequila, here's a home comp for dancing.

Get it here and be happy.

01/ Zelia Barbosa - Funeral do lavrador
02/ BB & The Astronauts - Please BB
03/ Bob Marley & The Wailers - What's new pussycat
04/ Tommy McCook & The Supersonics - Rock Away
05/ Aberlado Carbono y su Conjunto - Palenque
06/ Waipod Phetsuphan - Ding ding dong
07/ Los Graduados - Si te vas de mi
08/ Aurita Castillo y su Conjunto - Eco de tambores
09/ Claude Vinh San et le Jazz Tropical - Maloya
10/ Benoît Mansard - Pardon
11/ Thomas Mapfumo - Ndanzwa Ngoma Kurira
12/ Tonito - Kiukitukila
13/ The Barbecues - Ohiani sua efir
14/ Unidentified Artist - Hecha
15/ Bellemou Messaoud - Musique Instrumental
16/ Swaleh, Zuhura & Party - Ya Zamani


  1. Downloaded this mix/compilation last night - and listened to it while having breakfast today! Beautiful stuff! Even my Chinese girlfriend was grooving to those tunes... Gonna check them other mixes of your later... Cheers ;-)

  2. I've been loving volume 3 but apparently vols. 1 & 2 aren't hosted online anymore.... Any chance you can hook up a link? You're a rare curator of shimmering relics. Thank you.

  3. oh. I see now. Hope you get things up soon. Sorry to hear about your trouble with the internets

  4. I would love to know more about the unidentified artist on track 14. Arabic language but the title 'Hecha' not an Arabic word although it might be colloquial from Mauritania or the Western Sahara. Wonderful wonderful music. Thanks so much Rix

  5. Ok it's a form of Iraqi dance music Rix

  6. It's from Choubi Choubi, a compilation of music from Iraq. Actually I don't know why it said 'hecha' on the mp3 file, since there's no name for the song either on the original comp. Yeah, wonderful music.