Tuesday 21 April 2020

Roady presents: I Never Dreamed [Mixtape]

A.P. Roady's new eclectic selection of favourites -- specially, freshly made for you:

01. Ed Terry - Rock Your Baby
02. Shelly Fabares - Johnny  Angel
03. Tony Esposito - Pagaia
04. Roy Shirley - If I Did Know
05. Giovanni Cristiani - Dancing for Diletta
06. Chris Montez - Let's Dance
07. The Hues Corporation - Rock the boat
08. The Aquarians - Medusa parts 1 &  2
09. The Cookies - I Never Dreamed
10. Trovajoli - Il Sogno
11. Sahara Band - Habibi
12. Bo Diddley - Bo Diddley
13. Yoko Kanno - Nobuno's Groove  [APR edit]
14. Alisha Chinai & Vijay Benedict  - Zindagi Meri Dance Dance
15. Mutiny - Burning up
16. Millie Small - My Boy Lolipop
17. Ahmed Fakroun - Sahra

Monday 20 April 2020

va -- "Never Stop A Drum" [Graham's Confined Selection]

Out of pure serendipity, it seems that one line in Somali singer Khadijo Qalanjo's hit "Diriyam" (also spelled "Diryan") translates as "I have a flu jab" or even "the drum is a flu jab". The recurring line seems to translate as "never turn off a drum" or "never stop a drum".

This selection features a few more reggae-influenced dance tracks sung by amazing ladies - notably Salma El Assal's masterpiece "El Rayga" from Sudan (you'll find the 19-min full version as Bonus track), one of Chaba Zahouania's most pumping tracks, and Gülden Karaböcek's beautifully haunting "Yalancısın".
It opens with Lee Fields' "Clap Your Hands" which is about having a party at home, just with your lover, and ends with Mickey & the Soul Generation's weirdest and most psychedelic track, "Mystery Girl".
Also to be mentioned: Zalla's (Piero Umiliani under a pseudonym) fascinating "Risaie" (mysteriously composed on an Ethiopian melodic mode), Barış Manço & Moğollar's funkiest collaboration, Ike Turner's Arp-synthesizers-commissioned gospel, London's cult Caribbean funk group Cymande, French singer Pierre Vassiliu's cover of Chico Buarque's "Partido Alto" with hiliarious lyrics, Turkish bossa-nova by Önder Bali and Zafer Dilek, Greek singer Nikolas and a rather unknown Turkish lady called Nurcan Opel...

Thanks: Merryn, Nico Sheikholeslami, Benny Gordini, Chops, Tello, Jérôme mon disquaire.