Sunday 15 January 2023

va - FLOR DE UN DIA [Mixtape #59]

Happy new Year ! Here's a new selection of soul warming music to fit on a C60 musicassette. Some fine calypsos, lots of instros old and new, a fair amount of andean music (can't seem to get over huayno, puro tayta shanti, and now even tracks from a far out pan flute k7) and a northern UK finish with a beautiful song about Salford, near Manchester, where the sun doesn't shine and the people don't smile...

01 - Blind Blake - Goombay Drum
02 - Lord Christo - Hurricane Janet
03 - Sir Artus and his Calypso Knights - Oken Karangee
04 - سالم البارودي - Fatouma
05 - Denny Reed - Hot Water
06 - Bobby Darin & His Orchestra - Theme From 'Come September'
07 - Ali Affandi - Mapinduzi Tsimtezo    (from this LP)
08 - Francis Bebey - Le Casino de Baden-Baden    (from this LP)
09 - Andes    (from this K7)
10 - Flor De Un Dia

11 - Broadcast - Phantom
12 - Dominique Guiot - Alerte en mer
13 - Alain Goraguer - Un Homme Traqué
14 - Babla & His Orchestra - Jam Chalne Laage
15 - Toni Esposito - Processione Sul Mare
16 - Luzmila Carpio - Amaotayku Avelino Sinani (Chancha Via Circuito Remix)
17 - Los Solitarios Del Ande - Mi Pachito A Muerto
18 - Broadcast & The Focus Group - I See, So I See So
19 - Jean Go Solo - In Salford the Sun Doesn't Shine

Thanks to Jonat, Lulu, Mambo, Seb.

Bonus rips are from albums that didn't seem to be shared over soulseek - check out Bebey, Affandi and Viento en los Andes !


  1. muuuuuuuuuuuchas gracias :) :) :)
    sois una flor

  2. Hey don't ever go to Salford and say it is a suburb of Manchester, man, you have been warned! Salford and Manchester are distinct cities. Both are boroughs of Greater Manchester Metropolitan County but that is something different. And some folk get sensitive about such things.

  3. La piste 4 de l'album d'Ali Affandi est présente sur ta compil, mais pas sur l'album?

  4. Oui bien vu, une petite erreur de manip ! Je l'ai rechargé comme il faut !