Thursday 14 October 2021

va -- Voyage Sans Retour [Graham's Selection Fall'21]

A selection subtitled "Far-out and free-spirited jazz, prog, folk, pop and reggae from across the Globe". It contains songs from Moroccan rock group Frères Bouchenak's beautiful first album (featuring their uncredited sister, singing in the most extraordinary way!), tracks by obscure instrumental French band Temple Sun and from Azeri pianist Vagif Mustafa Zadeh's cult 1971 album featuring vocal group Sevil. Also to be noticed : 2 Anatolian folk songs interpreted in the trippiest way, respectively by jazz musician/singer Özdemir Erdoğan and by ephemere psych-rock band Kontrastlar ; and 2 weird songs by Italian prog legends Franco Battiato and Enzo Carella... And check out New Colony Six's fantastic version of the Yardbirds' song "Mister You're A Better Man Than I"... prepare for a one-way trip!

Thanks : Fred, Akram, Diz-Diz, Piro


  1. Listening to it, absolutely wonderful. However, the link doesn't let me downloading it. Is it me, or is it just taht the world is ugly??

    Thanks, tons of thanks