Monday 18 December 2017

va -- Incense And Peppermints (Graham's X-mas Comp)

The traditional Christmas comp, featuring a few Japanese discoveries (sorry can't read the titles!) such as Enka singer Tetsuya Watari (famous gangster-film actor in the 60's/70's) or the huge Hibari Misora... and of course the master of "Eleki" Surf Rock, Takeshi Terauchi, mocking some Western classical pieces in his comedy-surf style!
I dropped in a short proggy track by L'Eclair, a very new band of talented and hairy Geneva kids... taken from their first LP, "Cruise Control".
Also on this C60, the amazing Soul-Jazz of Young Holt Unlimited (check out the tambourine solo on "Listen Here"!), a couple of cool Joe Meek productions, Turkish singer Gülcan Opel, Egyptian Pop supergroup Al Massrieen, a minute and a half of Bollywood action, the Vandells' Psych-Pop, and more soulful gems...

1 The Five Stairsteps - Danger! She's a Stranger (prod. Curtis Mayfield)
2 Hibari Misora - Kojo No Tsuki (Moon over the Ruined Castle)
3 Strawberry Alarm Clock - Incense and Peppermints
4 Gülcan Opel - Yat Kolumun Üstüne
5 The Checkmates - Interpol (prod. Joe Meek)
6 Young Holt Unlimited - Baby Your Light Is Out
7 Darondo - Let My People Go
8 Al Massrieen - Asef Gedan
9 Young Holt Unlimited - Listen Here

10 Tetsuya Watari - Ano Ko No Tame Ni Shinundaze (I will die for that girl)
11 S. D. Burman - Gambler in Danger
12 The Honeycombs - I Can Tell (Something's Up) (prod. Joe Meek)
13 L'Eclair - L'Internationale Prog (part 2)
14 Takeshi Terauchi & The Bunnys - Swan Lake
15 The Vandells - I See Everything
16 Gülcan Opel - Tamammı
17 Tetsuya Watari - ?
18 Hibari Misora - Meiji Ichidai Onna (The Life of A Woman in The Meiji period)

Thanks to: Chris "Sofa", Roady, Luc.