Friday 16 December 2022

va -- Everything Seems Fine [Le Major Mixtape]


Moody november has definitely injected mellow, heartbreaking tunes into this new compilation but the uplifting B side will push your early winter's worries away! 

Indonesian, italian, and french treasures from the past are intertwined with a good amount of contemporary bands (the excellent Rozi Plain and Vanishing Twin from London, romanian project Raze De Soare, Lee Fields's new poignant single, Alogte Oho & his Sounds Of Joy from Ghana, and Dina Ögon's freak-funk from Sweden ...)

Pascale Sakr's "Zaranil Mahboub" also remains one of the best lebanese tracks ever ! 

Thanks to : Dj Rainbow, Madrotter, Graham Mushnik.

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