Wednesday 28 March 2012

va -- Fast Spinning Wax [Tristes Humanistes Mixtape]

There is a web page with a series of 5850 78 rpm records from someone's collection. They're divided into 7 categories: Arabic, Japanese, Greek, Italian, French, Russian and Latin. I made a selection of 21 songs, but go check out the rest if you like: All the labels have been scanned, but the titles in arabic, cyrillic or greek alphabets are not decyphered. I'm not any better at doing so, so I added the labels to the zip. The tape has Brazilian, Latin, Arabic (Egyptian, I think) and Russian songs on side A, and Greek songs on side B. All 128kbps I'm afraid.

Here it is.



  1. this is amazing!

  2. lurk worm copycat

  3. I just found this blog and absolute love it! This mix has replaced the white noise of Emirati and Omani top 40 music on my rides to work. I played "Betkalem Gad" for an Egyptian friend leaving the Sultante. I wish that we recorded our cute karaoke version.

    Please post more mixes! You are doing a fabulous job. I'll link my blog with my photo tours of old Egypt and weird places around Oman.

    --Heather, American in Oman