Friday 19 October 2012

va -- Hypnotique [Tristes Humanistes Mixtape]

Latest selection of particularly slow and sublime music to fit on a C60 tape. See tracklist below, and get ready for autumn.

01 Karen Bergeon - Sans tambour ni trompette...
02 Duanpan Oapinna - Missing of a Thai singer
03 Golden Snake (Taboo)
04 Martin Denny - Hypnotique
05 Wu Jing-Hwai - Night Wind While Travelling
06 Vigen & Delkash
07 Yabancilar - Agit
08 Aksak Maboul - Scratch Holiday
09 Dziga Vertov - Enthusiasm! The Dombass Symphony
10 National Jazz du Dahomey - Gonnou An Gbemou

11 Getatchew Mekurya
12 Rio Band de Dakar - Vamos A Bailar
13 All Star Orchestra with July Tan - Jauh Dari Mata
14 Vigen - Bi Saranjam
15 Isaac Haney + The Ebenezer Baptist Church Choir - At a time like this (part one)
16 Marika Papagika - An S'Agapo Ki 'Ein Oniro
17 Io. Yeorgakopoulou & H. Mavridhis - Mi Se Planepsan Ta Lefta
18 Lata Mangeshkar - Maee Mhano Supnama Parnare Dinanath

Karen, j'espère que tu es d'accord...


  1. i'm not sure if it is just my computer, but i got a message from mediafire saying "permission denied"

  2. pareil pour moi ... quelle tristesse ...

  3. Works fine for me, and fer most people it seems (quite a few downloads already). Can I suggest you try again in a bit?
    I shall re-upload it if the problem persists. Please let me know...

  4. Quelle drôle d'idée encore... Ma foi, je suis bien contente.


  5. "Permission Denied: This file has been identified as a copyright protected work and cannot be distributed using MediaFire."

    Damn. I love your mixes and look forward to being able to hear this one.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. It's not just at Ukian/Usian servers: I, too, got this denial message when my server is here in Jordan (The Middle-East).

    Dunno, maybe there's a problem with the file's name that's associated with some other MF users. You can simply, change its name and retry again, Luke.


  8. Moderated myself and added two new links. Hopefuly...

  9. hi, i left the first anonymous comment and the link is working for me now.
    thanks a lot it's a great mix i've already listened twice might be one of my favorites

  10. Luke,
    I am so obsessed with you and your mixtapes. Thank you for expanding my idea of musak 24/7, ever since I first heard ya tapes. Wanna marry me?

  11. Ok - and play Googoosh at the ceremony...

  12. Yet another absolutely fantastic mixtape. Thanks for putting these together and making the music available!

  13. I love this mix! Thanks M. Warmcop!

  14. Indeed, M. Warcop,

    the selection and arrangement of pieces is superb. It speaks of great skill and shows that the world in all its sonic forms is way to beautiful to remain concentrated on MTV and its descendants.

    I'm with tears in my eyes, on the balcony the night coming — what a gift to have such music shared for the love of it.

  15. Thanks vk for this beautiful talk.

  16. sublime!! this is just wonderful! realy love your mixes.. keep it coming!! thanks&praises

  17. This selection is so beautiful... I would be very thankful if someone knew where can I find more information or albums about these musicians.

  18. Research on Duanpan Oapinna brought me here. Couldn´t find anything on Duanpan, but WOW, what a work, you have put up with this blog. I will have months (if not years) of digging into your mix tapes. An altruistic overkill! THANK YOU forever for this commitment <3