Monday 14 October 2019

Just As You Are [Mixtape #50]

I wuz thinking of doing something special for the 50th TH mixtape but it's "just" a C90 compilation, with dope tunes from all over the place as usual. Well actually we did get a new banner/logo created by Peter The Moon.

01 - Fairuz
02 - ??
03 - Moondog - Stamping Ground
04 - Lilis Surjani & Orkes Melayu El Jadin - Insaflah
05 - Super Eagles - Viva super eagles
06 - Etsakor Supreme Voices - Nare
07 - Frank Caulker and the Nugatone Band - Baby a tire with you
08 - Los Ases Del Ande - Te Fuistes Sin Desperdirme
09 - Tamrat Molla - Ene Yewodedquat
10 - Girma Beyene - Set Alamenem
11 - Reuben Bell & Casanovas - It's Not That Easy
12 - And I Love Her

13 - Krzysztof Komeda - Le départ
14 - Robert Wyatt - Just As You Are
15 - Coconut's Band - 1 plus 2 is 3
16 - Dr John - Life
17 - Sam Fletcher - I'd Think It Over
18 - Dr John - Danse Kalinda Ba Doom
19 - Lilis Surjani & Orkes Melayu El Jadin - Huriyah
20 - ??
21 - Conjunto Los Reales de Cuzco - Mis Recuerdos
22 - La Peruanita - Recuerda Corazon
23 - Orchestre Abass - Kissagui
24 - Peter Abdul - Don't You Know
25 - Feeling Kréyol - Gadé

ps: if anyone knows what the band on tracks 2 & 20 is I'd love to know so I can invite them to play for my wedding...

Thanks to Dan Electro, Gma, Bernard Céleste, Bonzzaï, Roady and fellow bloggers.

Please check out the blog list on the right. There are some killer collectors (Global Groovers, Madrotter...) & and comp makers (Dream Weapons...) around keeping it real!

Things running a little slow around here with Catapulte crew fixing up houses and becoming fathers: happy times :)


  1. Congrats on your 50th! Yeah we too had big plans for our 100th DWP-mix and ended up compiling another C60 "with dope tunes from all over the place as usual". I don't think I've ever missed a mix and always find myself discovering a dozen new favorite tunes or more - and "Just As You Are" is no exception. Thanks for the music and thank you for the shoutout.

  2. A2 is from the second cassette put out by the Egyptian Sufi singer called 'Fouad Abdel Migied' in the 80's
    Disco Arabesquo helped out there to find out.
    I recommend checking their stuff.

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  4. My quarterly check-in to listen and give thanks to the Tristes crew. VERY excited for this one. <3