Tuesday 18 July 2017

va -- Beyond The Rising Sun [Graham's Hot Selection Summer 2017]

"On n'a pas vingt ans tous les jours..." Thank you Ennio Morricone and Catherine Spaak for reminding us with the beautiful "Questi Vent' Anni Miei"!

Anyway, this new selection brings together 1960's curiosities - by famous artists such as the Zombies, the Kinks, the Shirelles or Marc Bolan with the B-side of his first solo single "Beyond The Rising Sun", or by more obscure people like Ray Johnson - and some of the best Turkish (Gülden Karaböcek, Üç Hürel, Berkant, Cahit Oben), Indian (R.D. Burman himself), Zimbabwean (The New Black Eagles,  Jonah Moyo) and Jamaican jewels (Lennie Hibbert's magical vibraphone, Stranger Cole and Johnny Nash's wonderful voices).
And of course, the legal 15% freaky-soundtracky instrumentals! Check out François De Roubaix and Bernard Maitre's music for puppet shows (from the weird and great "Les Onix" compilation).
Happy BBQ's!

Thank you Piro, Warmchops, Molly, Booty, Beatmike, Félix & Sjoerd!


  1. Thanks for another fine selection!

  2. Oh yeas ! I can't wait ! Your work is appreciated very much by my whole family !
    Merci !

  3. Just in time for a 2 days car trip, great fuel for the soundtrack. Thanks!

  4. These are my favorite kinds of mixtapes. You are always the best!