Saturday 12 November 2011

va - Գարուն: GARUNA (Spring) [Mixtape TH#14]

New seasonal (rather out of season actually) mixtape with more minor scales, falling leaves, broken hearts...

1. Komitas Vardapet «Garuna»
2. Bessie Banks «Go Now»
3. Phongsi Woranut «Phit Wang Yang Khoi»
4. T.P. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo «Ako N'Venan Niwa»
5. Pedro Santos «Agua Viva»
6. Mário Rui Silva e Ana Paula «Zeca Camarão»
7. Artur Nunes «Tia»
8. Wilmoth Houdini «Black But Sweet»
9. Roza Eskenazi «Mas Kynigoun Ton Argile»
10. Stellakis Perpiniadhis Anna Pagana «Dhervisis ke Anna»
11. J. Baczkowskiego Orkiestra «Oberek Pulawiak»
12. Reet Hendrikson «Haanja miis»
13. Washington Phillips «Lift Him Up That's All»
14. Elizabeth Cotten «Freight train»
15. Daniel Johnston «Surely you don’t work at night»
16. West Coast Art Experimental Band «I Won't Hurt You»
17. Betty LaVette «Let me Down Easy»
18. Prince Buster «Faith»
19. Komitas Vardapet «Garuna»

The first version of Garuna (track 1) is sung by Komitas' star pupil, Armenak Shahmuradian, with Komitas himself accompanying on piano (thank ya øשl). The second version (track 19) was performed by Anna Parsamyan in my local church.


  1. I love your mixtapes! And I love your nice likkle cover designs - I need some of them for my mixtapes to come ;-) Very nice selection, good listening, lots of unknown songs & other surprises in there... Greetings from China; DubMe

  2. "Now I'm off to Berlin for a while, to see my friend Claire and for a bit of urban debauchery - if you want to know."

    As if we were interested in your sorry life. Get a Facebook account, Brother.

  3. Count me in as another one who love your mixtapes. This one and Remember Me, especially. Many thanks!

    And I don't mind knowing that you're off to Berlin to hang out with Claire. Not at all.

  4. seasons greets luke,

    just seen this glorious mix on my pal Moahaha's list, in which he lovingly refers to ya as lukewarm 'cup' :)

    Garuna is my jam & i just thought ya might like to know that the singer on track one is in fact Komitas' star pupil, Armenak Shahmuradian, w/
    Komitas himself accompanying on piano. just sayin. happy holydaze

  5. what the hell we're discussing about in here??

  6. Lovely, thank you! And thanks for the dust to digital posts. I included Pedro Santos in a mixtape I did a while ago. Check them out on my blog if you want, you might enjoy them :-)