Tuesday 29 July 2014

va -- What The World Needs Now Is Love [Tristes Humanistes Mixtape]

Favorite tunes for the summer..

Side A
01 Ahmed Malek - Omar Gatlato
02 Burt Bacharach - What The World Needs Now Is Love
03 Enzo Carella - Malamore
04 Bicconi - Si Viaggiare
05 Khana Mai Sak - Ui Kham
06 Bruno Nicolai - Aka
07 The Goretti Group & Dennis De Souza Trio - Of My Hands
08 Ahmad Al Indibat - Bye, Bye, Bye
09 Calixto Ochoa y Su Conjunto - Recordando El Pasado
Side B
10 Amral's Trinidad Cavaliers Steel Orchestra - 90% Of Me Is You
11 Major Lance - Gotta Right To Cry
12 Gino Washington - Puppet On A String
13 Adiba Azezine - Ya Makhthat Al Welif
14 The Famous Nyahururu Boys - Mwendwa
15 Jonah Moyo and Devera Ngwena - Ndodada nezimbabwe
16 Ata kak - Obaa Sima
17 André Popp - Ophelia



  1. thank you so much!

  2. Merci from Ollie and Kevin in Brasil!

  3. yeeeees!! thank you guys always super!! love and hope see you soon!!

  4. thank you kindly for a very timely post!

  5. cool mec... rigolo de tomber sur une de tes compil. Bises. papa Kev

  6. I can not download your last mixtape ..... is there anything wrong ? Before I used to download to my desktop and then add the songs to my itunes , The window opens and says open with itunes , I open itunes after the download and there's nothing there although over 100MB of info was downloaded somewhere ....., any help !? Thanks

  7. I don't know. Maybe you need to unzip the folder yourself using winrar (Windows) or stuffit/macpar (Mac). All I know is I didn't change anything...

  8. Great compilation! Do you have any more information on Bicconi - Si Viaggiare? I can't find any information on the artist at all..I would love to hear more from the artist :-)

  9. Some friends recorded some rough demos under this private-joke name. It's not a real band (yet?), so no info of course... Write to me for few more mp3s. lukewarmcop@yahoo.fr