Thursday, 22 September 2011

Dmitri Shostakovich [1906-1975]

"so that flies drop dead in mid-air, and the audience start leaving the hall from sheer boredom"

Friday, 16 September 2011

va - Construção - 1960-70 Tropicalia From Brazil [Tristes Humanistes]

I'm not sure this is all exactly Tropicalia, but here are my favorite tracks of this brazilian way of mixing traditional samba and bossa-nova with more western styles.

01 - Tom Zé - Complexo de Épico
02 - Caetano Veloso - Tropicalia
03 - Milton Nascimiento - Paixão e Fe
04 - Chico Buarque - Construção
05 - Gal Costa - Tuareg
06 - Pedro Santos - Agua Viva
07 - Luiz Eca & Sagrada Familia - Homem da Suc-Barravento
08 - Zelia Barbosa - Funeral do Lavrador
09 - Tom Zé - Glória

Friday, 9 September 2011

Afghan Patriotic Song [Video]

Can't stop watching this. A bit like David Lynch meets Ahmad Zahir.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Afghan Video Clips From 70's And 80's TV

These singers seem to be having such a fun time. There is some kind of terrible tension in the studios preventing the women from expressing any kind of emotion. I particularly like the bits when they are not singing. The music, of course, is fantastic; much delay on the master, great 5/8 grooves etc. The first two are my favorite; Huma and Nasrin.

The next is an Uzbek song, with another beautiful singer.

Then this one; Mangal has this amazing expression...

One more by Huma, obviously by the same director.

Thanks to Galaxy My Dear for leading the way to these gems. I'd love to hear more, and I wish I could understand the lyrics.