Thursday 21 July 2011

va - END OF THE WORLD PARTY VOL.2 [Mixtape #10]

Homemade selection of tunes to dance and shout and cry to, volume two. From Jamaica to Pakistan, with only the good and the groovy.

tapper zukie - man ah warrior
larry & alvin - please stay
phillis dillon - right track
ken boothe - everything I own
calixto ochoa - corazon enamorado
banda 20 de julio de repelon - la pita
maria alba - negra soy
unknown band - el apagon
jerry hansen & the ramblers dance band - waise abrabo
abaraka guitar band of nigeria - oru owerre
quim manuel o espirito santo - eme lelu
dur dur - no track name
the blue birds - hussani lal qalander
sapan-jagmohan - giraffe trapping music
athanase akpovi -kinto gni messea
francis bebey - bissau

Download link.

Volume one is here also.


  1. Any chance of reposting a good link here? It appears to be damaged. Great blog!

  2. It works fine from here. Try again and let me know how goes...

    1. Hello, thanks for the great compilation! Just wanted to say that the track marked as unknown band - negro yo soy is in fact by the Colombian singer Maria Alba, and is called "Negra soy".