Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Still Water [Mixtape #45, C90]

This is the 45th mixtape and it's 90 minutes long. I only count my own mixtapes in the T.H. counter, but I guess you noticed the Major and Graham Mushnik have become more and more involved in the last few years. Although we have similar tastes I think it brings a precious je ne sais quoi to this blog. Thanks boys!

To come back to number 45, it is a bit of a voyage:

01 Triste Janero - A Beginning Dream
02 The Attractions - Slow Patience
03 Darondo - Didn't I
04 Four Tops - Still Water
05 Les Fantaisistes de Carrefour - Ti Zoiseau
06 Dick Ngoye & Party - Elias Odede
07 The Jauharah Orchestra - Wangu Ukutina
08 Imperial Bodyguard Band - Accordeon Instrumental
09 Yao Su Rong
10 Sun Ra - Nuclear War
11 Renaldo & The Loaf - The Elbow Is Taboo
12 Magical Ring - Sight On The Sea
13 Al Massrieen - West El Ghabat

14 Gilberte - Serre Serre Pas
15 Mavi Isiklar - Kanamam
16 The Precisions - If This Is Love (I'd Rather Be Lonely)
17 Franklin Boukaka - Na Ye Na Lisano
18 Rakinah - Lagu Minang
19 T.P.A.O. Batman Ork. - Kara Toprak
20 Hung Cuong & Mai Le Huyen - Gap Nhau Ma Chi
21 Thomas Mapfumo & The Blacks Unlimited - Nyamutamba Ne Mombe
22 Anna Mathovani Pop Sunda - Warung Pojok
23 Le Marchand du Soleil - Laila Je T'aime
24 Satellite Jockey - Modern Life
25 Joe Hisaichi - Itsumo Nandodemo

Big up to Graham, Lou, Clément (? him again) & fellow bloggers.


  1. looking forward to it---thanks for doing this. It is appreciated.

  2. Congrats with your 45th mix! Primarily cause its a stunner but also for being THE quality mixtape-blog with the longest endurance.


  3. Thank you for allow me to comment in here, YOUR ARITKEL IS VERY NICE