Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Roady presents: Follow That Dream [60's Pop, Doo-Wop & R'n'b]

Here is A.P. Roady's new selection of 60's pop songs ! Silliness, heartaches, new dances and cheesy rhymes, all wraped up together on this C60 mixtape.

01 Freddy Canon - Pallisades Park
02 Neil Sedaka - Oh Carol
03 Johnny Otis - Willie And The Hand Jive
04 The Marcels - Give Me Back Your Love
05 Barry Mann - Who Put The Bomp (In The Bomp Bomp Bomp)
06 Jackie Wilson - Lonely Teardrops
07 Joanie Sommers - Johnny Get Angry
08 The Velvets - Tonight (Could Be the Night)
09 Monty & the Cyclones -  Summertime
10 Dion & The Belmonts - I Wonder Why
11 The Murmaids - Popsicles And Icicles
12 Johnny & the Huricanes - Red River Rock
13 Johnny Cymbal - Mr. Baseman
14 Eydie Gorme - Blame it on the Bossa Nova
15 Elvis Presley - Follow that Dream
16 Little Peggy March - I Will Follow Him
17 The Chiffons - One Fine Day
18 Chubby Checker - Limbo Rock
19 Emile Ford & Checkmates - Counting Teardrops
20 The Marcels - My Melancholy Baby
21 Lesley Gore - It's my Party
22 Chuck Jackson - Any Day Now
23 Woody Thorne - Teenager In Love
24 Buzz Clifford - Hey Mr. Clown
25 Little Willie John - My Love Is

Thursday, 30 January 2020

va -- Get Happy [Mixtape #51]

Inspired by cold white skies and stacks of wood, #51 has everything you need to make it through this wet winter : a loony tune by Pascoal ; a bunch of songs picked from the remarkable Born Bad Records catalog (Sandwidi, Mazouni, Estardy, Létang) ; crazy Croatian band Idoli's Rusija ; cheesy pop hits by Mathis and Ros ; a fine song by obscure band The Rolling Stones (ever heard of them?) ; and much more to discover on this C60 musicassette !

01 - Art Tatum - Get Happy
02 - Serge Gainsbourg & Jean-Claude Vannier - Les Chemins de Katmandou
03 - Bernard Estardy - Angoisse Au Coeur
04 - Capricho Huanca - Huancayo Cotupchacka
05 - Charles Maurin Poty - Amboliako Fary
06 - Idoli - Rusija
07 - Hermeto Pascoal - Little Cry For Him
08 - Amin Xaaji Cusmaan & Company - Yaabint
09 - Pierre Sandwidi - Ouaga Affaires

10 - Casimir Létang - Ménage Chalvire
11 - JR Thomas and The Volcanos - Color Me Blue
12 - Tommy McGee - We Ought To Be Together
13 - Johnny Mathis - No Love (But Your Love)
14 - The Rolling Stones - Under My Thumb
15 - Mazouni - Daag Dagui
16 - Old And New Dreams - Chairman Mao
17 - Edmundo Ros & His Orchestra - Jet Flight

Thanks : Seb, Roady, Dan Electro, F.C.

Friday, 3 January 2020

va -- Cosmic Echoes - Sweet Sounds From The Decade Gone 2010-2019

This is Graham's traditional X-mas comp, a bit delayed, this time paying tribute to the decade just gone "the Tens".
Not much to explain - just enjoy this eclectic mix that gives a sample of the recent productions from our vast Outernational world, from near-mainstream artists to obscure mystery-bands.

Thanks: Georgia, Arash, Luke, Booty, Derya, Cyril

Thursday, 7 November 2019

Oh, Carolina! mix by Coco Maria

Says Coco Maria :

" After some years of collecting and searching for records, I bumped a few times with songs dedicated to a certain lady called Carolina.
Who is she?
Where is she?

This is a mix only with songs from Latin America & Brazil, all these songs called "Carolina" for all the Carolinas we have met and who have inspired us. Teachers, sisters, lovers, neighbours, friends of friends and even institutions!
Dedicated to all of them :)

Monday, 14 October 2019

Just As You Are [Mixtape #50]

I wuz thinking of doing something special for the 50th TH mixtape but it's "just" a C90 compilation, with dope tunes from all over the place as usual. Well actually we did get a new banner/logo created by Peter The Moon.

01 - Fairuz
02 - ??
03 - Moondog - Stamping Ground
04 - Lilis Surjani & Orkes Melayu El Jadin - Insaflah
05 - Super Eagles - Viva super eagles
06 - Etsakor Supreme Voices - Nare
07 - Frank Caulker and the Nugatone Band - Baby a tire with you
08 - Los Ases Del Ande - Te Fuistes Sin Desperdirme
09 - Tamrat Molla - Ene Yewodedquat
10 - Girma Beyene - Set Alamenem
11 - Reuben Bell & Casanovas - It's Not That Easy
12 - And I Love Her

13 - Krzysztof Komeda - Le départ
14 - Robert Wyatt - Just As You Are
15 - Coconut's Band - 1 plus 2 is 3
16 - Dr John - Life
17 - Sam Fletcher - I'd Think It Over
18 - Dr John - Danse Kalinda Ba Doom
19 - Lilis Surjani & Orkes Melayu El Jadin - Huriyah
20 - ??
21 - Conjunto Los Reales de Cuzco - Mis Recuerdos
22 - La Peruanita - Recuerda Corazon
23 - Orchestre Abass - Kissagui
24 - Peter Abdul - Don't You Know
25 - Feeling Kréyol - Gadé

ps: if anyone knows what the band on tracks 2 & 20 is I'd love to know so I can invite them to play for my wedding...

Thanks to Dan Electro, Gma, Bernard Céleste, Bonzzaï, Roady and fellow bloggers.

Please check out the blog list on the right. There are some killer collectors (Global Groovers, Madrotter...) & and comp makers (Dream Weapons...) around keeping it real!

Things running a little slow around here with Catapulte crew fixing up houses and becoming fathers: happy times :)

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

va -- On The Horizon [Graham's Selection Late Summer'19]

An easy but freaky selection to keep your ears warm before the summer ends... Half instrumental, half vocal, this comp sails from Peru (Los Mayorales) to Pakistan (the amazing in-flight composer Karim Shahabuddin), via Jamaican instros (Byron Lee, Jo Jo Bennett), Turkish Bossa-Nova (Zeki Müren) and Groove (Zafer Dilek, featuring saz master Arif Sağ on "Hudayda"), US psych & garage (New Colony Six, Iron Butterfly) and Soul-Jazz (Young Holt Unlimited), British poppy Freakbeat (Joe Meek's Syndicats, Manchester's Hollies, The Spencer Davis Group), Italian Exotica (Rino De Filippi) and Greek & Israeli popstars (Stelios Kazantzidis, Arik Einstein)...

Thanks: Jean-Pop II, Booty, Chucks, Akram, Derya

Friday, 11 January 2019

va -- Adieu Tristesse [Mixtape #49]

Time for a new selection of delightful oldies: sixty minutes of outernational pop and jazz for a trippy new year!

01 - Frantz Casseus - Dance
02 - Teta Lando - Tia Chica
03 - Camarão - Retrato De Um Forró
04 - Ignace de Souza & The Melody Aces - Asaw Fofor
05 - Stanley Black - Adieu Tristesse
06 - Chico Hamilton Quintet - I Gave My Love A Cherry
07 - Rahsaan Roland Kirk - Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
08 - Alice Coltrane - Stopover Bombay
09 - Dr. Victor Abimbola Olaiya - Omo Pupa

10 - Abana Ba Nasery - Nilimwacha Muke Risavu
11 - Ahmad Zahir - Kai Bashad Kai
12 - The Scorpions & Saif Abu Bakr - Farrah Galbi Aljadeed
13 - Sylia - Derhali Rayi
14 - Ken Saul - Pictures Framed In My Mind
15 - Ahmad Zahir - Kistam
16 - Chene Noir - La Musique d'Orphée

Cheers: Clément Sbaffe, G.G., Bonzzaï, Afghan 3000, Reda Boudemala

Friday, 4 January 2019

va -- Row Fisherman Row [Graham's Selection Xmas'18]

The "traditional" X-mas mixtape... a bit late this year! ... although I'm sure you'll find it well suited for the cosy winter evenings to come!
Nice melodic vibes through various music genres - Reggae with the fantastic Congos, Lybian pop with Ahmed Fakroun, 60's American pop with Lee Hazlewood, Jorge Ben's poppy Samba, Gülden Karaböcek's Anatolian pop and even South Italian pop-rocker Peppino di Capri and Japanese Gangster-pop crooner Tetsuya Watari!

Check out Brian Eno's "Burning Airlines...", opening track of his 1974 album "Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy", and his production on the weird Talking Heads track "Drugs"!

Also featured: Turkish legendary rock band Mogollar experimenting with a piano and a saz, Sven Libaek's space grooves, Hugo Montenegro's moog trips, and Daniel Delord & Features of Life's wild Mauritian sega!

Thanks: Félix, Susi, Molly, Dav, Dem, Roady

Thursday, 13 December 2018

va -- DJ Coco Maria presents: Coisa Sentimental

Check out this hot selection by Mexican DJ Coco Maria. Dancy killers, emo bursts, latin oddities... this is more than a musical journey - it's a sentimental thing.

01 Susso - Keira
02 Sons Of Negus - Zion We Want to Go
03 Piri - As Incriveis Peripecias De Danilo
04 Orlandivo - Onde Anda O Meu Amor
05 Tobias - Coisa Sentimental
06 Nonato Y Su Conjunto - Cafua
07 The Ethics - Want My Baby Back
08 Marie Rottrova - Modre Oci Mladi
09 Marta Szirmai - Bagira
10 Barel Coppet - Vini Vini Missie

11 Michie Sarmiento y Su Combo - Hong Kong
12 Patatao Totico - Mas Que Nada
13 Bati Marimba - Colombia Morena
14 Sonido La Bomba - Cumbia de Disneylandia
15 Cantaritos Del Ritmo - La Medallita
16 Trios Calaveras y Tariacuri - La Llorona
17 Ural Thomas - Smile
18 Naffi - Take Me In Your Car
19 Minnie Riperton - Back Down Memory Lane

Saturday, 8 December 2018

Cheb Mami on K7 Maghreb Blog

The K7 Maghreb blog is running stronger than ever thanks to Reda Boudemala's prolific tape ripping. We've had this amazing Mami tape recently so I thought I'd link it up for you to enjoy it. Check out the rest of the blog if you're interested in Raï music in particular and North African music in general. K7 Maghreb has become a well documented archive for a fascinating music only available on tape...

Monday, 5 November 2018

va -- Pour Toujours [Mixtape #48]

Oh it's been a busy Summer! But now the snow has fallen once and leaves are turning yellow and time has finally slowed down. Here's a new selection of outernational pop hits and emo gems to fit on a C60 cassette.

01 - Edu Passeto & Gui Tavares - Noite Que Brincou De Lua
02 - Sam Cooke - Chain Gang
03 - Jorge Ben - Pula Baù
04 - Kamal Keila - Agricultural Revolution
05 - Hamad Kalkaba - Astadjam Dada Saré
06 - Indian Cultural Pageant of Trinidad & Tobago - Basdeo Jaikaran
07 - Jóvens do Prenda - Bolero do prenda
08 - Marinês e sua Gente - Matuto
09 - Buddy Morrow - Black Saddle

10 - Amanda Portales - Sencillo Poncho Huancaizo
11 - Zuhura Swale & Zein Musical Club - Wasi wasi
12 - Tafo Brothers - Tarasta Hal Yeh Dil
13 - Aamina Camaari - Rag Waa Nacab Iyo Nasteexo
14 - Yaseen Mohamed - Mahaba maskini
15 - Ahmad Zahir
16 - Chaba Kheira - Nougead Maak Pour Toujours
17 - Marion - I Go To Sleep

Special thanks to the Global Groovers blog from which quite a few tunes on this mixtape are picked. Been some dope rippin' going on there lately... Thanks also to Benny Gordini, Roady, Reda Boudemala, Captain XXI.

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

va -- Outerspaceways [Graham's Mixtape Fall'18]

If you find Earth boring: here's a mixtape entirely made of music about Space, stars, the Sun, the Moon, spatial exploration, cosmic thinking...
Featuring artists from Brazil, USA, Jamaica, Great Britain, Italy, Germany, India, Japan, Australia and beyond Planet Earth!

Alongside the kings of Space music - Sun Ra and Joe Meek of course - you'll find some odd things (like the theme-tune to 1969 Bollywood sci-fi drama "Trip To Moon") and some obscure bands such as Dracula Und Seine Vampyre or The Space Boys who hardly recorded anything else than these weird tracks.
Also worth mentioning: Norwegian-born, Australia-based composer Sven Libaek, with 3 extracts from his 1974 space-themed album "Solar Flares".

The mix is here, and also down there: