Friday, 28 April 2017

Roady Presents: I Believe In Miracles

A guest mixtape by DJ A.P. Roady - get it while it's hot!

Danceable hits & groovy dope:

Miltinho - Cheiro de Saudade
George Freeman - New Improved Funk
Kalyanji Anandji - Bombay Sheher Haadason Ka Sheher Hai
Racing Bossa Combo - Aïe... Mr Robert
R.D. Burman - Jahanpe Sawera Ho Basera Wahin
George Symonette & His Gombay Sextette - Wanna Do Nothing All Day
Bitty McLean - Baby Tonight
Qing Shan - Unknown Track
The Talbot Brothers from Bermuda - Old Uncle Joe
José Roberto - As Brigas de Amor
Chick Correa - Falling Alice
The Jackson Sisters - I Believe in Miracles
The Tradewinds - Mrs McMillan
D.C.S. - Sheila-o-Sheila
Freddy King & Lula Reed - It's easy Child
The Sensations - Born to Love You
Orchestre Super Tembessa - Yambi Club Tembessa

 Merci Roadsky!

Friday, 6 January 2017

Giorgio Poi - Tubature

He's the man and he can write a song. Big up G.!

Saturday, 24 December 2016

va -- 80 Percent Badness [Graham's Selection Xmas 2016]

Sorry I didn't realize I'd put so many songs carrying christian and/or moralistic values (don't steal, don't kill etc!)... Fortunately Mose Allison sings "I'm gonna be here for the rest of my life and all I did was shoot my wife" which makes the whole thing a bit less happy-clappy... 80 percent badness!

A few catchy Rocksteady/Reggae tunes, some Blues/R'n'B gems and a few 60's teenage sounds (the great "Help me find myself" by The Troyes!)... together with Naples' best Pop singer Tony Bruni, a completely unclassifiable track by Angolan singer Teta Lando, the mesmerising voices of Turkish artists Özdemir Erdogan (him again!) and Ayfer Ünler... And one of my favourite hip-hop tracks of all times, Radioinactive & Antimc's "With Light Within", featuring a killer riff by Nigerian guitarist King Sunny Ade! Get the comp ici.

Thanks: Benny, Booty, LeDJSuisse, Derya.

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Harambee [Mixtape #42] Various Artists

Time to harambee! Plenty of hits to cheer us up ready for the new year - on C60 as usual.

01 - The Frightnrs - Gotta Find a Way
02 - Caetano Veloso - Olha o Menino
03 - Michael Farneti - In The Jungle
04 - Linda Yamamoto - Furi Furi 5
05 - Chris Ajilo & His Cubanos - Ariwo
06 - Mac and Party - Harambe
07 - Hailu Mergia & The Walias Band - Yemiasleks Fikir
08 - Abbey Lincoln - When Malindy Sings
09 - Orkes Kelana Ria - Semoga

10 - Ethel Smith - Diga Diga Doo
11 - Michael Farneti - Nineteenth Summer
12 - Hailu Mergia & Dahlak Band - Sintayehu
13 - Black Star Musical Club - Chozi Lanitoka
14 - Abderrahmane Paco - Sidi Bu Derbala
15 - African Vibration - Hinde
16 - J Dilla - Anti-American Graffiti

thx: Allan, Luce, Banzzaï & fellow bloggers

Sunday, 13 November 2016

va -- Nature! [Graham's Selection Fall 2016]

"A funky East-Meets-West selection, mostly from the 1980's, 1990's and 2010's, for a change"
On the picture: some mountains between Albania and Montenegro.

Well... I still couldn't resist adding a few 70's tunes: James Brown's Nature with its remarkable lyrics, Gülden Karaböcek's obscure version of Mehmet Emmi that came out last week on our friend Booty's compilation "Altın Kaniş Klübü", and Kamuran Akkor's catchy İkimiz Bir Fidanız...

Some cool tracks from the past decade: 2 songs by US Funk band Vulfpeck, 2 from Shawn Lee and Clutchy Hopkins' intriguing album "Clutch Of The Tiger", Swedish DJ Joxaren's 2014 Albanian Swag EP (Warmcop posted one of his newest videos a few months back), Hip-Hop genius Edan's new track featuring Homeboy Sandman, and one of my favourite Grime artists, Wiley with Numbers In Action!

80's, 90's: an unreleased Elektro Dschungel song, Jatasiri, 2 Romanian synthy tracks by excellent Formatia's Bravo and Albatros (worth checking out full albums BTW), a masterpiece by one of Ethiopia's best female voices Aster Aweke (sorry haven't got the song title!)... and my favourite Blackalicious track from his debut "Melodica" EP.

Find it here - should fit on a regular C-60.
Thanks to: Piro, Joxaren, Luc, Booty, Pierre, Chucks, Wie?Nie!, Watt.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

va -- Wear Your Love [Mixtape #41]

Here's number 41 of home made mixtapes to fit on C60 if you wanna. It's light and shiny music for your hearts to wear.

01 - Chico Buarque - Essa Moça Tà Diferente
02 - Noriel Vilela - Saudosa Bahia
03 - Robert Maxwell His Harp and Orchestra - Nature Boy
04 - Gene Rains And His Group - Tangi Tahiti
05 - Orkes Melayu Pancaran Muda - Bunga Melati
06 - Elizabeth - Vou Falar-Lhe Francamente
07 - Donovan - Wear Your Love Like Heaven
08 - The Wailers - Thank You Lord
09 - Tommy McCook - Persian Ska
10 - Cosmic Rays - Dreaming
11 - Tu'O Noarara

12 - Esquivel - Adios
13 - Henry Mancini - Theme from Hatari
14 - Inrzaf - Aoulinou Sber Idagh
15 - Eddie Harris - Space Commercial
16 - Lino Capra Vaccina - Antico Adagio
17 - Jack DeJohnette - Central Park West

Thanks: Raf (eh ouais!), Steph, Simon, Zoë, Ju x2, Timur & fellow bloggers.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Friday, 2 September 2016

va -- Prieten Drag [Le Major Mixtape]

Oh no! Summer is coming to an end.. Don't worry ! ''Prieten Drag'' is bringing you mellow tunes to keep the sunny good times in your heart and a few dancy tracks to give you the strenght to face the autumn. Go on, be soft with yourself.

01. Reality ~ War
02. Dusty Springfield ~ The Look of Love
03. Cristina Tati  ~ Meu Tesouro
04. Nora Dean ~ Mojo Girl
05. Jonna Gault & her Symphonopo ~ Wonder why, I guess
06. Charlie Binger & his quartet ~ Jamaica is the place to go
07. Yapi jazz ~ La vie est un combat 
08. Lucky brothers band ~ Ichere shi anyi agabia
09. Cengiz Çoşkuner ~ Seni Gidi Seni
10. Mariana Șercău  ~ Regina Tristeții
11. Slimane Azem ~ Ay addheggwal
12. Pompilia Stoian ~ Prieten Drag
13. The Classics ~ Honey bee
14. The Hippy boys ~ Capo
15. Kool A.D ~ The Robbery
16. Junior Murvin ~ Cool out son

Thanks: Salim, Greta, Giuseppe, Celine, GlobalG, Booty 

Monday, 11 July 2016

va -- Sky Blue -- Graham's Selection Summer 2016

A little compilation for your summer trips and barbecues... fits on a CD or a C-60 tape. Some sunny Soul gems by Thunderfunk Symphony, Hawaian Lil' Albert, George Clinton's Parliaments, and the great late Allen Toussaint!
Also some Turkish discoveries: Özdemir Erdogan, Ersen with Dadaslar, Fikret Kizilok, an early Selda single and a very weird instrumental by Gokcen Kayatan.
A few unclassifiables: Azeri Jazz pianist Vagif Mustafa Zadeh, Cresa Watson, the Tornados, Chris Lucey, Lucio Dalla...

Thanks: Benny, Lou, Molly, Akram, Derya, Chops, Jean-Pop 2!

Full tracklist on the Jpeg cover! Get the comp here. Enjoy!

Monday, 4 July 2016

Josif Marius ft Joxaren -- Nunta de Valoare [Video]

Check it out!

Swedish prod. Joxaren w/ Josif Marius singing. Skweee!

Friday, 3 June 2016

va -- La Collina Dei Cigliegi [Mixtape #40]

Here's a comp made under the endless Spring rains here in Saint-Paul. Penty of nice tunes for you -- Afro dope, Maghreb goodness, and more -- on C60 as usual.

01 - Urbano de Castro - Kia Lomingo
02 - Jean-Baptiste Nemours - Rìen que toi
03 - Dioisio Maio - Dia Ja Manche
04 - Ali Affandi - Esheleya
05 - Levis Vercky's - Meca
06 - Aaron Neville - How Could I Help But Love You
07 - Lucio Battisti - La Collina Dei Cigliegi
08 - Mocke - L'Ouvrier Flan
09 - Ahmed Malek - Bolero
10 - Cheb Khaled - Raha M`Rida
11 - Unknown - Yes
12 - Formatia Bravo - La Malo
13 - Wu-Tang Clan - 4th Chamber
14 - Gerard Levecque & Claude Romat - Grey Pepper

Thanks: Ju, Roady, Booty, Graham & fellow bloggers.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

va -- Dja Yadhak [Mixtape #39]

Dja Yadhak ('He Came Smiling'): a rather oriental selection for your listening pleasure on C60 as usual. Check out Dalton, check out Fadela, check out Dan Ciotoi -- check it all out!

01 - Ed Lincoln - Eu Não Vou Mais
02 - Dalton - Alech
03 - Mureed Buledi - Sarag Chia
04 - The Orientals - Oriental Dance
05 - The Hi-Fives - Mpete Wa Mpete
06 - Naushad Entertainers - Aane Se Jiske Aaye Bahar
07 - Carl S. - Suzana
08 - Errol Dunkley - Smile Like

09 - Hasni - Galou Datah Imigre
10 - Chaba Fadela - Dja Yadhak
11 - Dan Ciotoi Si Formatia Generic - Banii N-aduc Fericirea
12 - Rüya Çagla - Dom Dom Kursunu
13 - Munawwar Sultana - Sir Te Ghara
14 - Embryo - Strasse Nach Asien (edit)

Thanx: Carole, Booty Carrell, Mushnik, Wie? Nie! & fellow bloggers.