Saturday, 24 December 2016

va -- 80 Percent Badness [Graham's Selection Xmas 2016]

Sorry I didn't realize I'd put so many songs carrying christian and/or moralistic values (don't steal, don't kill etc!)... Fortunately Mose Allison sings "I'm gonna be here for the rest of my life and all I did was shoot my wife" which makes the whole thing a bit less happy-clappy... 80 percent badness!

A few catchy Rocksteady/Reggae tunes, some Blues/R'n'B gems and a few 60's teenage sounds (the great "Help me find myself" by The Troyes!)... together with Naples' best Pop singer Tony Bruni, a completely unclassifiable track by Angolan singer Teta Lando, the mesmerising voices of Turkish artists Özdemir Erdogan (him again!) and Ayfer Ünler... And one of my favourite hip-hop tracks of all times, Radioinactive & Antimc's "With Light Within", featuring a killer riff by Nigerian guitarist King Sunny Ade! Get the comp ici.

Thanks: Benny, Booty, LeDJSuisse, Derya.


  1. Excellent selection, mixes very well with vermouth

  2. Fantastic ! One of the best yet !

  3. Listened to the whole mix today... Really enjoy "Mose Allison - Parchman Farm". Killer song... Thanks for introducing me to this beauty... DubMe

  4. Went back and pulled so many of your mixes from the last year that I'd missed. Thanks always for the incredible tracks. You do great work.

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  6. Thank you for allow me to comment in here, YOUR ARITKEL IS VERY NICE