Wednesday, 18 May 2016

va -- Dja Yadhak [Mixtape #39]

Dja Yadhak ('He Came Smiling'): a rather oriental selection for your listening pleasure on C60 as usual. Check out Dalton, check out Fadela, check out Dan Ciotoi -- check it all out!

01 - Ed Lincoln - Eu Não Vou Mais
02 - Dalton - Alech
03 - Mureed Buledi - Sarag Chia
04 - The Orientals - Oriental Dance
05 - The Hi-Fives - Mpete Wa Mpete
06 - Naushad Entertainers - Aane Se Jiske Aaye Bahar
07 - Carl S. - Suzana
08 - Errol Dunkley - Smile Like

09 - Hasni - Galou Datah Imigre
10 - Chaba Fadela - Dja Yadhak
11 - Dan Ciotoi Si Formatia Generic - Banii N-aduc Fericirea
12 - Rüya Çagla - Dom Dom Kursunu
13 - Munawwar Sultana - Sir Te Ghara
14 - Embryo - Strasse Nach Asien (edit)

Thanx: Carole, Booty Carrell, Mushnik, Wie? Nie! & fellow bloggers.


  1. Thanks! Made my day at the office so much better. Always a pleasure to listen to your mixes mr!

  2. That Errol Dunkley track is killer btw! Will spin that in my next DJ set for sure. Agian, thanks!

  3. Hey Mr. Tristes, I've been listening to your mixes for a year or so now and they are always quite lovely. I like listening to new music and although my finding new gems skills aren't quite as good as yours, I've made a blog to add at least a little to the music sharing in the world.

    I miss the days of plentiful mix tape blogs.

    PS Thank you for pio pio earlier this year!