Thursday, 25 September 2014

va -- Softly Sally [Tristes Humanistes Mixatpe]

And a new mixtape for those of you who like nice, soft, positive music. Hope you like it!

01 - Nora Orlandi - A Doppia Faccia
02 - Ennio Morricone - La Bambola
03 - Gene Pitney - Mecca
04 - Chuck Sagle & His Orchestra - The Sheik Of Araby
05 - Nino Nardini - Jungle Jazz
06 - Yen Linh & Che Linh - Tam Su Nguoi Don Xa
07 - Phuong Dai - Mac Cam
08 - Roger Webb - Softly Sally
09 - Samira Taoufik - Wein Moucharrek
10 - The Leon-Symphoniette - Dance Of The Rice-Tresher (* corrected)
11 - Salma Agha - Come Closer
12 - Jonathan Richman And The Modern Lovers - Egyptian Reggae
13 -  Jacques Denjean - Mistral 20h30
14 - Ensemble Etoile Du Soir - Messe Quatre Heures
15 - The Talbot Brothers Of Bermuda - You Can't Tell The Old From The Young
16 - Ensemble Meridional Des Cayes - Calma Pèlerin
17 - The Velvet Underground - Afterhours


  1. Just linked over from Flash Strap's site. Mighty fine collection of mix tapes you have here. I'm seriously tempted to dig out some blank cassettes and dub these mixes just to use the great covers you've created. Nice work. And thanks for all the music.

  2. I can't wait to listen to this one. Thanks so much, Luke! Your mixtapes are wonderful.

  3. Quand on aime, il faut le dire :

  4. En continuant de télécharger les formidables compils, je me demandais à quel point nous étions voisins... Etant donné, que, moi, je suis un Auvergnat (un peu parisien) exilé pour l'heure à Genève...

  5. ça se pourrait qu'on se croise, alors...

  6. Alors bon, on s'est permis d'utiliser un morceau de Guess What dans notre docu sonore sur le nucléaire,
    alors bon ben, merci, et aussi merci pour tous ces morceaux qui résonnent beaucoup à mes oreilles de voyageur...De bien belles boums grâce à vous!

  7. Curious about no. 10 supposedly by the Fore Thoughts, it sounds nothing like what I've heard from them.. pretty sure you've given the wrong title. Would love to know the actual track!

  8. Marcus, This track I chose from the Weltraum comp 'Eastern Standard Time'. If it is a mistake, then it wasn't mine! Let me know if you untangle it though...

  9. Hi Luke, I'm quite sure that you have the track before on the Weltraum compilation, by the Leon-Symphoniette. Can't find a copy online of their original album but it matches snippets I've heard. Also, someone over on ghostcapital commented about a mixup with the tracklisting (where you may have gotten the comp). Think they're from Japan which makes much more sense considering the sound of the track!

  10. Yes, of course, it was silly of me not to notice. It makes much more sense like this. I corrected the tracklist above, but not the mp3 in the rar. Thanks Marcus for pointing this out!

  11. Hi Luke, I'm Oliver, I just stumbled onto your blog and mixtapes and love both! :) You might find my blog "Kopfleuchten" interesting as well:
    And there's a Youtube playlist too:
    Have a great summer, best wishes from Berlin!