Saturday, 26 January 2013

va -- Chebs & Chabas Vol.1 - Musique Moderne d'Algérie [Found Tapes Retrospective]

A selection of songs from the tapes I post on the Found Tapes site, featuring Khaled, Zahouania, Zohra, Djalti and more. It's essentially Raï music, but also a few other styles I'm not sure I can identify.


a1 - Zahouania - Loukane Tjibou Toulba Men Rife
a2 - Chaba Djamila - El Hob Saib
a3 - Chaba Zohra et Cherif Ouald Saber - Rah El Hal Yrouh
a4 - Abderrahmane Djalti - La Quille
a5 - Abdou & Nawal - Gaê Les Jeunes Hajrou

b1 - Cheb Toufik - Darbou E'Signal
b2 - Azzedine - L'Essentiel Kayna El Moute
b3 - Cheb Khaled - Sratli
b4 - Chaba Zohra - Malou Hbibi Majache
b5 - Guenif Abderezak - Zmane K'harni
b6 - Constatrap - Adra

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  1. beautiful collection of tapes at FoundTapes. the Zahouania has been recognized as buyable, so acces denied there. still it is a lovely litlle collection of very nice music , thank you