Monday, 14 May 2012

Bruce Haack -- The Electronic Record For Children [1969]

Check out this, boys and girls! Way, way out stuff  by canadian weirdo Bruce Haack. Recently reissued on Mississippi Records.

"Bruce Haack made some of the weirdest, most zonked electronic pop known to man, but he didn't get enough credit for it at the time. His first records were coming out in the early '60s, and Moog music technology was just getting into the hands of musicians, so a lot of the pioneering tunes from that era were full of wild experimentation and sounds people were hearing for the very first time. They're fascinating listens now, but audiences at the time just weren't there yet. Thankfully, Haack's records stood the test of time, and he's since received a fair amount of posthumous acclaim thanks to reissues of several of his best records (Electric Lucifer, Haackula) in the last decade." [C. Cantino]

01. sing
02. mara's moon
03. dance
04. listen
05. poppies
06. saint basil
07. upside down
08. first lady
09. echo
10. african lullaby
11. spiders
12. clapping with katy
13. goodbye


  1. YOUR BLOG IS AMMMAAAAZZZIINNGG!!!! much thanks, obligado, arigatou, teshakuriderim, gracias etc. so many gems...where do you dig them all up? i mean this one i'd heard but a lot of the other stuff is all completely new to me! just fantastic, much appreciated.

  2. Obrigado!

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