Sunday, 18 March 2012

Lucho Bermudez - El Padre De La Cumbia

Luis Eduardo Bermúdez
was a colombian musician & composer. In the late 30's, after being a member of big/marching bands, he started to direct his own orchestras. Mainly performing in Colombia, he soon got the world's attention for his witty and wild songs, based on traditional colombian music (porros, gaitas, bolleros & new-born cumbia) with a tropico-american twist.
Here is a compilation of his famous 'Grandes Exitos' for the dancefloor, alongside darker, slower tunes sang by mysterious divas, who probably looked a bit like this:

1. Mi Cumbia
2. Arroz Con Coco
3. Colombia Tierra Querida
4. Caminito de Guarenas
5. Tambores de Chambacu
6. Mantequilla
7. La Bramadora
8. Tolu
9. Navidad Negra
10. Mapale Sabroso
11. Danza Negra
12. Prende La Vela - Toto la Momposina

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