Monday, 27 June 2011

Googoosh - Golden Songs vol. 1 & 2 - 2x4xCD Box Set [Iran, 70's]

Such beautiful music...

Volume 1
Part 1 (cds 1&2): TH
Part 2 (cds 3&4): TH

Volume 2
Part 1 (cds 1&2): TH
Part 2 (cds 3&4): TH

Note: I didn't put the compilation covers because they're too ugly. These pictures look much better.


  1. Hi, many thanks for this wonderful collection, if you've more good quality googoosh albums are always welcome for me!

  2. Many many thanks for this post.
    Riches - so much to listen to......

  3. Wow! I am just utterly blown away by the Googoosh post! I only discovered her thanks to the wonderful compilation of her material by the legendary record label Finders Keepers (responsible for introducing me to so much good music) and I just fell in love with her voice..I did find an entire post full of links to about twenty or thirty of her albums but the quality was pretty poor as they were all 128kbps and I am so glad to see this rip in such great quality as a voice like Googoosh should be heard in the highest quality possible.

    Here are some link to some more of her material I have found on the net, I hope you find some of the links useful, its the least I can do for all your hard work sharing the CD box set:

    (thanks to Geronimo for the link above)

    A link to a really good "best of" compilation can be found at the wonderful Holy Warbles blog:

    They also posted a really good "Persian Funk" compilation featuring my favourite track by her 'Talagh'

    You can also get a rip of the Finders Keepers compilation (its a scene release so its VBR but still good quality and it encourages you to buy a 320/FLAC or CD/Vinyl copy)

  4. @ the saucer people, many many thanks to give more links and information of Googoosh, I agreed 100% with your comments about her voice, only unfortunately that I don't understand the persian language, maybe someone translate her lyrics ;)