Saturday, 25 February 2012

What One Can Find On 'Galaxy My Dear'

Galaxy My Dear: the best Youtube filter.

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  1. Glad to see someone who really digs Majdi El-Husseini's Farfisa arm-mastery.
    This electric-organ player played along with Omar Khourshid, Umm Kalthoum's orchestra, etc... The true genie of the org.
    The first vid features him playing an old song by Saudi singer Mohammed Abdo called Ayouh ('Oh Me'), and it's taken from Kuwaiti state television. One has to know that Kuwaitis were so rich back in the early-70's that they've invited almost every Arabic singer to play at their TV-station. Ergh.
    The second (comes at number three taken from the top-down), is also him playing like a crazy nutcake with a Lebanese band of percussionists in 1974 as one of the most-informing comments states rather thankfully.

    Sad fact is, there are no albums or even any surviving pressing by this genius of a player. Blame it on him being outshone by the greatest 'giant's of mainstream Arabic music. Sad, indeed.

    Dig it. This is 'it'!